Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

About ISRC

Since Islam is the youngest but the fastest growing religion, the Jews as well as the Christians try to undermine it through dis-information and by presenting a distorted picture of Islam and the Muslims.  The Jews have a long history of boastful projection of their superiority over all other nations who had any rivalry or enmity with them. For this, they have concocted various false and frivolous stories to condemn or curse their rivals. Hence, aside from concealment of various commandments of the Lord, they also resorted to fabrication of various commandments and stories, to humiliate their opponents, to justify the atrocities of the Israelites against others or to prove their superiority over other nations in the region. 

Following in the steps of the Jews, the Christians, too, try to over-state the faith as well as the traditions about Jesus Christ while criticizing Islam, its Prophets and the Muslims severely. We, therefore, feel that due to one sided presentation of facts, Islam has been condemned unheard.  Since no truth can be established nor any sound judgment reached just by one-sided examination of the witnesses, therefore, it is necessary to examine dis-passionately the evidence from the other side also.

About ISRC
The Inter-faith Study & Research Center is a self-financed private project to conduct Study and Research into the history and faith pertaining to the religions of the book.  Muhammad Ashraf Chheena, the founding Chairman of the ISRC, did his Masters in Economics from the Peshawar University in the year 1961. He served United Bank Limited for about 28 years and after seeking premature retirement, he started dealing in the Real Estate, since 1991.  Due to his prolonged illness in the year 2001-2002, he relinquish the charge of his business to his sons and started devoting his leisure hours to inter-faith studies. Mr. Haroon Rasheed is presently assisting the Chairman in research and composition work.

The main purpose of the project is to promote studies and information about Islam. The IRSC, therefore, attempts to analyze critically various assertions about history and faith in the Bible and to have a comparative study of the same by examining the alternate versions of the same in the Qur’an and the Islamic traditions.  This we do because we feel that there is no other way to arrive at the truth unless all the available evidence is adduced and scrutinized in a proper manner.